Publisher  Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Author  Helen Bates
Illustration & Design  Ellen Li

Autism can be difficult to recognise, it affects how a person communicates, relates to others and how they experience the world around them. This book follows the childhood of a bright young girl with autism. Growing up undiagnosed, she finds life increasingly difficult and confusing. Unable to communicate her thoughts and feelings, she retreats further into her own world while her family grows evermore perplexed and concerned. When a psychologist finally explains what makes her special, they can stop focusing on the problems and start to navigate a new way forward for Tilly. Through the use of the blue line, Tilly’s world is revealed by making the invisible visible.  Find out more about the book.

“Helen Bates’s beautifully illustrated book will teach us a lot about girls on the autism spectrum, who have traditionally been overlooked by both researchers and clinicians, likely furthering their sense of isolation and feeling of being misunderstood and unaccepted. A gem of a book that will make girls on the spectrum feel less alone and enable their parents to better understand and accept their difference.”

Simon Baron-Cohen
Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University


The 'real life' Tilly, Rachel Bates, who's story and experiences this book was based on also has an online blog where she writes about her daily life and experiences. If you'd like to know more you can find the posts on our facebook page here.

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